Reverend Gail Swain

Your Day, Your Way

Reverend Gail Swain

Reverend Gail Swain

Looking for a Santa Cruz wedding officiant? Meet Reverend Gail! Reverend Gail Swain accommodates couples’ unique beliefs. She has performed more than 130 weddings of all varieties, religious and secular. Her goal is for each wedding guest and participant to leave with a small teardrop and a big smile.

Gail is a genuinely warm person and is comfortable to be around. She’ll help calm your wedding day jitters, and she’s experienced enough to  “roll with the punches” if anything goes awry. 

Reverend Swain’s work is:

  • Custom designed with each couple in mind
  • Flexibly priced with consideration of your finances
  • Professionally operated, with over 30 years in experience in the wedding business
  • Artistically expressive with Reverend Gail’s award-winning talents as a poet & singer at your command
  • Well-planned via meeting and/or email months ahead — but also flexible enough to create a personalized wedding ceremony in as little as one day!
  • Non-denominational, with your preferences of religion & spirituality included










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