Save-the-Date Card Ideas

Wedding planners and sensible people in general recommend sending “save-the-date” cards to your guest list. Here are some tips along with creative save-the-date cards from around the web.

Save-the-Date Wedding Card Tips

1. Don’t dawdle.

Send your cards at least six months before the wedding if possible. A year’s notice would be excellent. The more advance notice you give, the more likely you’ll fit into the schedules of all your favorite people. Out-of-towners will especially appreciate having ample time to make travel arrangements.

2. Set the tone.

A save-the-date card is your first contact with wedding guests. Are you aiming for rustic, elegant, playful, vintage? Does your wedding have a theme, such as wine or the beach? Take this opportunity to convey the style of your wedding.

3. Include the following on the card or in an enclosure:

A. Who, what, where & when
B. “Invitation to follow”
C. Events calendar or list
D. Hotel accommodations
E. Directions to the wedding
F. Your contact information

Creative Save-the-Date Wedding Cards via Pinterest

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Happy planning!

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