Free Wedding Apps

Three Free Apps for Wedding Planning

Many modern brides-to-be (and rare grooms) are using mobile apps for wedding planning. Here are some of the most popular free wedding apps for Android and iPhone in 2013. Follow the links to download.

1. Our Wedding Planner

Our Wedding Planner is a 100% free app for Android. This comprehensive tool includes a wedding to-do list, a countdown widget, a table planner, and easy ways to manage data about guests and wedding vendors. You’ll also get an easy-to-use bridal budget tool as shown in the image here.

Screenshot of budgeting with Our Wedding Planner

Screenshot of budgeting with Our Wedding Planner

This app makes wedding planning especially easy with the option to import contacts from your phone as you construct an invitation list or a list of vendors’ contact info.

2. Wedding Countdown

“When is your wedding?”

“In 20,420 minutes!”

Do you want a simple wedding countdown app? Wedding Countdown is a bit corny, but if there’s a time for over-the-top sentimentality, this is it! With Wedding Countdown you can calculate the remaining heartbeats, estimated kisses, or units of time until your wedding ceremony. This app has earned 4.5 stars at iTunes.

3. Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist app logo

The Wedding Checklist app by Jimbl Software Labs costs $0.99, but you get a $1 MP3 credit when you purchase the app through Amazon. Wedding Checklist is a helpful planning tool with more than 130 wedding tasks such as reserving a block of hotel rooms and ordering your bridesmaid dresses.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed by wedding planning! Your wedding checklist can easily be customized and emailed to your wedding helpers.

Happy planning! –, Santa Cruz, California

Click for video of the world’s most famous wedding entrance.

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